"Mindfulness Practice isn't just about escaping to some magical inner realm devoid of life's challenges. The Practice is about calming your mind and opening your heart enough to engage Life directly, to be more fully Present in a kind, clear, and helpful way."

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Be Still and Know: Interfaith Day of Mindful Practice

Sunday July 19
9: 00 am - 3:30 pm via Zoom

Opening Heart Council Circle: 9:00 AM
Midday Heart Council Circle: 12:00 Noon
Closing Heart Council Circle: 3:00 PM

Join us this Sunday for an opportunity to deepen your meditation practice. We will gather on Zoom for the Opening Heart Council Circle to practice deep listening and speaking from the Heart about our lives and practice, then set our intentions for the day.
  Unlike the in-person event at Community Yoga and Wellness Center, much of the day will be self-directed mindfulness practice. You will determine the length of your sitting sessions, mindful movement, and other activities during the day.

At noon we will gather on Zoom for the Midday Heart Council. In the past some people go on to other things in their day at this point, some continue their Practice

We will close the day with a final Heart Council Circle to share our experiences of the day. I will leave the Zoom Room open for the entire event and monitor it periodically for chat salutations, questions, and comments.

 Beginners are welcome.
 Partial attendance is okay.

The ZOOM Meeting ID# 777-108-1081
Contact me for more information, or the password if you don't already have it:
ext/call 847-502-6204

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